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What is E-Waste
‘E waste’ or WEEE(Waste electrical & electronic Equipment) is fast becoming the bane of modern lifestyles, fast economic growth and prosperity in our country. Latest figures released quote about 4,70,000 tonnes of WEEE being generated in India annually. WEEE has been growing at the compounded annual rate of approximately 25% At the moment, this waste is being handled mostly(92%-97%) by the unorganized sector. Scrap handlers and operators in the unorganized sector do not bother with the government regulations and guidelines on the safe handling of WEEE and indulge in shortcuts and malpractices which ends up releasing harmful toxins in the environment apart from gravely endangering human health.

Increasingly, governments across India have issued a formal instruction to industries, which uses IT equipments to give their electronic waste to government authorized recyclers/handlers only. Also, India is on the verge of passing an EPR legislation which holds the manufacturers and users of Electrical & Electronic equipment responsible for ensuring safe end-of life treatment of their old electronics. However, organized recyclers in India are as yet able to cater to only 3-5% of the entire market.

Though there are multiple definitions of E-Waste & WEEE circulating these days,the most complete and accurate one is the one given by OECD & EU:
“Any appliance using an electric power supply that has reached its end-of-life would come under WEEE(Waste Elctrical & Electronic Equipment.“