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About us
GV Advantages
Our procedures exceed the norms set by the state and central pollution boards and MoEF (Ministry of Environment & Forests), Government of India. We‘re duly registered and authorized by the government bodies to handle Electronic waste in a scientific, Safe and environmentally friendly way. Partnering with us means that you can rest assured your E waste is being handled right.

Data Destruction
We understand the sensitivity of securing confidential data. We offer foolproof data destruction through a software process proven even more effective than the US DoD (United States Department of Defense) standards which are used by military and investigative agencies in the US. The data, once put through this, cannot be recovered by any known process.

For especially sensitive data, we can offer physical destruction of memory containing media.

Brand Value Protection
Manufacturers of Electronic & Electrical Equipment and appliances currently expose themselves to brand value destruction by letting unorganized kabadis handle their E-Waste. The kabadis tend to salvage and refurbish components and whole equipments to sell them in the grey market. The presence of these in the market tend to dangerously erode the brand equity build with so much money , time and effort.

We operate on a model where we recycle down to materials (plastics, metals, glass etc) . Any salvage/repair is carried out only on specific instructions of the client and is handed back only to them.

We operate a transparent manner and offer clients detailed reports of activity undertaken with their consignments through the loop of activities undertaken (recycling/salvage/repair)

 We have logistical reach throughout the country and can pick up WEEE from clients’ sites and partner in design and operation of exchange & takeback programs offered to the end consumer by clients.